Crossing Rubicon

6/20/2016 - Hi everyone out there. We are back from our two week tour and yes we did survive (barely). We truly had a fantastic time meeting and getting to know all those who came out to see and support us. All the bands we played with were great both musically and personally, it was a honor to share the stage with you all. Special shout out to our brothers Caustic Method, our tourmates, who destroyed it everynight and were the coolest guys ever. We started missing you the moment we left the venue.

Up next for Rubicon we are proud to announce our appearance at two festivals. This includes DirtFest in Michigan and Big Kahuna Fest in Rhode Island. Details on both shows below. We will have more big news soon to share (ugh ugh, tour, ugh) so stay tuned and as always follow us on FaceBook for the latest.

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Crossing Rubicon is:
Scotty Anarchy - Lead Vocals
Brandi Hood - Drums, Vocals
Zach Lambert - Guitar, Vocals
Jeanne Sagan - Bass, Vocals
Jesse Near - Guitar, Vocals

Official Music Video For Unhinged, "Unhinged".




DirtFest 2016
Killswitch Engage,
Crossing Rubicon,
Asking Alexandria
and More
at Crofoot Festival Grounds
1 S. Saginaw St.
Pontiac, MI

12:00 PM


The Big Kahuna 2
Mushroom Head,
Dead By Wednesday,
Crossing Rubicon,
Fear The Masses,
and More
at Fête Music Hall
103 Dike Street
Providence, Rhode Island

12:00 PM

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