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Crossing Rubicon

July 2017 - Updated show listing below. Check it out.

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No Less Than Everything

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Crossing Rubicon is:
Scotty Anarchy - Lead Vocals
Zach Lambert - Guitar, Vocals
Jeanne Sagan - Bass, Vocals
Mike Cocco - Guitar
Justin Vincent - Drums



Metal Up Your Ass!
Shallow Ground
Age Of Embers
and Crossing Rubicon
at Cherry Street Station
Cherry Street, Wallingford, CT

8:00 PM


The Big Kahuna 3
Ballroom Stage (Metal)
Unearth, Through The Eyes Of The Dead,
Kingsmen, Shred of Salvation, On Your Deathbed,
In Depths & Tides, Patient 0, A Mirror's Embrace,
and SeaKing Heir
Lounge Stage (Rock)
Crossing Rubicon, FirstBourne, Fear The Masses
The Grey Curtain, * HEMLOK *
Outdoor Stage (Metal)
Pathogenic, My Missing Half, DEATH RATTLE,
Deathwish, Begat The Nephilim, Awaken The Madness,
and Proxies

at Fete Music Hall
103 Dike Street, Providence, RI 02909

12:00 PM